Name: Melissa DeGolier
Age: 30
Hometown: Buford, Georgia
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: Dawn, I really loved your Anne of Green Gables website. I belong to Anne Fans and know you from there. I had looked at this website before, but seeing it now knowing you a little better makes it even more special. You have done an excellent job. Kindred Spirit, Melissa (2/00)

Name: Renae Burke
Age: 23
Hometown: cincinnati, ohio
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Music, Sounds, Bloopers, I loved them all!
Comments: I have been such a fan of Anne for years. This webpage is delicious! Wonderful work has been done here. I must know, though, where the picture on this page comes from. I do not recognize the one where Anne has the straight hair and is kissing Gilbert. Could you let me know what movie this is from? Thank you. (2/00)
It's from Anne of Green Gables: The Continuing Story, which premieres in Canada on March 5 and 6.

Name: Andie Nielson
Age: 32
Hometown: Pleasant Grove
Favorite Parts: Information On Anne 3, Bios, Where Are They Now?, Did You Know?, Bloopers, Links
Comments: What a great site. Thanks for an enjoyable visit. It is great to know that there are kindred spirits out there. (2/00)

Name: Rebecca Wagner
Age: 13
Hometown: USA
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: I think Anne of Green Gables and Avonlea are great movies. I would encourage anyone who hasn't seen them. I have seen them so many times I can't count! I am looking forward to Anne 3. Thank you, Kevin Sullivan, for produacing such good films. (2/00)

Name: christine
Age: 19
Hometown: sydney, australia
Favorite Parts: Scripts, Bloopers, Reviews
Comments: during my uni holidays i started getting worried about my future and all that crap. i really couldn't stop thinking about it. one day it just made sense to watch my old video of 'anne of green gables'. as a kid of the 80's i had read the books and owned the videos and i remembered how it made me feel. what followed was a very intense period of 2 1/2 weeks where i rewatched the videos [original about 6 times and the sequel about 4 times] re-read all the anne books [1-6, a few of them twice]. i even bought the books i hadn't read the first time 'round, 'rainbow valley' and 'rilla of ingleside', i read both in 2 days. it was so odd how comforting it all was. (2/00)
What a wonderful way to spend your holiday, Christine!

Name: Linda Dulmes
Age: 51
Hometown: Cedarburg, WI, USA
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: My daughters and I have watched the video's for years. After the first couple of times even Dad got hooked on watching the wonderful stories! We heard there is going to be a new movie, is this true? (2/00)

Name: Barbara Peterffy
Age: 20
Hometown: Budapest, Hungary
Favorite Parts: Scripts, I loved them all!
Comments: I'm a Hungarian Anne-fan, I've seen the film hundred times, but - unfortunately - in Hungarian. To be frank, I've enjoyed reading the books - both in Hungarian and English - a bit more, but I love the movie too. I'd like to congratulate you, this page is fabulous! Barbara (2/00)

Name: Jayme Burgard
Age: 21
Hometown: Cape Girardeau, MO
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: I have loved Anne of Green Gables for years, I was thrilled when I heard there was a web page. I really like the cards or posty's you can send also! Thanks! (2/00)

Name: craig kellogg
Age: 62
Hometown: statesboro, ga, usa
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures
Comments: Heartfelt thanks to kevin sullivan and associates for the gift of the ANNE films, Avonlea tv series (now on Odyssey cable), and HAPPY CHRISTMAS, MISS KING. The values of these productions are all too rare in entertainment today. I hope there is as much love among the casts and others as there seems to be in the films. I also hope that ANNE III will be broadcast in the states soon. (2/00)

Name: kudos
Age: 16
Hometown: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Favorite Parts: Missing Scenes
Comments: Come visit my site, fellow kindred spirits!!! It has a LMM page and will be growing soon!!! (2/00)

Name: Heidi
Age: 26
Hometown: Calgery,AB
Favorite Parts: Information On Anne 3, Movie Pictures
Comments: I love the characters in Anne and am very happy there is a 3rd part whether it follows the books or not (2/00)

Name: Kelly Klinefelter
Age: 22
Hometown: Millersburg, PA
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: I LOVE ANNE OF GREEN GABLES!!!!! (2/00)

Name: Cecilia Anne
Age: 18
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: Wonderful site! Thanks so for making it! I visit often! (2/00)

Name: Elizabeth Jones
Age: 19
Hometown: Bernice,Louisiana
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: I loved her movie (2/00)

Name: Mariah Herlihy
Age: 23
Hometown: Glens Falls, NY 12801
Favorite Parts: I loved them all! (2/00)

Name: Laura van Swearingen
Age: 19
Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Bios, Where Are They Now?, Recent Photos of Cast, I loved them all! (2/00)


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