Name: Hayley Fisher
Age: 14
Hometown: Oatlands, Sydney, Australia
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: This page is so excellent, I have come here before, and untill yesterday, my life hadn't been fulfilled, to the extreme, but then I read Megan Follows message, and she sounds like the most loyal and sweetest person in the world, the whole world needs to know how talented she really is, (and if your reading this Meg, I love you) this is truly a great website, and I am glad for you, that Megan Follows signed your guest book, congrats. Hayley (12/99)

Name: Rachel Rose
Age: 17
Hometown: Louisa, Kentucky
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: I am so excited about the new movie and would just like to say that you have done a great job on this site. Forever a Anne of Green Gables, Rachel Rose (12/99)

Name: Greer Cooper
Age: 22
Hometown: Tunbridge Wells ENGLAND (12/99)

Name: Mindy Jensen
Age: 19
Hometown: Denver CO
Favorite Parts: Sounds, Bios, Where Are They Now?, Links (12/99)

Name: Carly
Age: 14
Hometown: St.Albert, Alberta, Canada
Favorite Parts: Bios, Where Are They Now?, I loved them all!
Comments: I love your site. I just watched both of the movies Kevin Sullivan produced. I just loved them. I am glad I found your site. I like the part of it show pictures of the actors now. Watching these movies just makes me want to go to P.E.I and live where Anne lived. Thank you for such a wonderful site! (12/99)

Name: Nicolle Bartko
Age: 21
Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Favorite Parts: I loved them all! (12/99)

Name: Jessica Morrison
Age: 12
Hometown: Oakhurst, California
Webpage: Anne of Green Gables .com
Favorite Parts: I loved them all! (12/99)

Name: Ashley
Age: 16
Hometown: NH
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Bios, Where Are They Now?, Recent Photos of Cast, Pictures of Jonathan Crombie, I loved them all!
Comments: Thank you so much for making a page-I have searched for years on a good page and none have I found. These movies are my all-time favorite in fact I have spent many hours looking for copies of the movies. Thank you for finding pics of Jonathan Crombie-especailly "we all want a Gilbert Blythe" Sincerely, Ashley (12/99)

Name: Jennifer
Age: 18
Hometown: Newport, TN
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Pictures of Jonathan Crombie
Comments: I really enjoyed your website!! It makes my poor attempt kinda pitiful. Anyways, great job!! Much Love and God Bless (12/99)

Name: Ann
Age: 24
Hometown: Sydney, Australia
Webpage: The Stephen Baldwin Admiration Circle
Favorite Parts: Pictures of Jonathan Crombie
Comments: I can't believe that Megan signed your guestbook. That's so great! I'm already shaking with excitement at the thought of the new movie. I just hope that we don't have to wait too long for it to arrive to Australia. (12/99)

Name: Arine
Age: 16
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures
Comments: I am waiting for the new movie any info on when it will be on TV would be great I know my friends and I are waiting for it. (12/99)

Name: Claire
Age: 13
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: Okay, let me just say a few things: a) Megan Follows ROCKS and b) so does this website. I've bookmarked it, lemme tell you that! Anne is one of my favourite characters ever and it took me about two seconds to realize that it (they?) was/were my favourite movies, too! Considering I'm going through withdrawal, this site is VEDDY good. I love the sounds (especially the one about the corset, hehe) and the bloopers and pictures. Keep up the awesome work! Best Wishes, Claire P.S. Ms. Follows, I *did* tell you you rocked, didn't I? ;) (12/99)

Name: huang
Age: 30
Hometown: Taiwan (12/99)

Name: Melissa Sauer
Age: 31
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
Favorite Parts: Bloopers
Comments: I didn't know about the Anne of Green Gables movies until the early 90s. I never heard about the books as a young girl (how sad). I instantly feel in love with the series and can watch it over and over and never get tired of it. My husband and I courted 5 years before we were married, and Anne and Gil's relationship reminded me of our own. I can't wait to see the third movie. I've heard it strays from the rest of the book series. Since I haven't finished the whole LMM series maybe I won't be dissappointed. I have two boys, so who knows if I'll ever get around to reading the books in their entirety. Thanks for hosting this site. It's great. Melissa (12/99)

Name: D. Fox
Age: 35
Hometown: Jacksonville
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: Anne, Avonlea , and Little House are my favorites. Thank you for all the work you have put into your web page. (12/99)

Name: Barbara B. Good
Age: 55
Hometown: Baldwinsville, NY 13027
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: We appreciated this site, especially after just watching the video of Anne of Green Gables. Thank you for all you've done to put this site together. (12/99)

Name: Chip Good
Comments: I'm glad that there are still many young ladies longing for true romance...May we all seek the Lord for His best (Song of Solomon 2:7). (12/99)

Name: Maaike van Nieuwkerk
Age: 23
Hometown: Woerden/Holland
Favorite Parts: Script, Sounds
Comments: I must agree with all the others: this website is amazing! And what a great honour that Megan herself has taken the time to write back... I'm a big fan of Megan for 12 years now. I didn't know very much about her, 'till I found out about this page today. I'm very happy to know that there are so many fans out there! Goodluck with your webpage, you're doing a great job... (12/99)

Name: catherine pearce
Age: 19
Hometown: london
Favorite Parts: Script, Movie Pictures, Bios, Where Are They Now?, Missing Scenes, Bloopers
Comments: i think its fantastic that this web site is here. living in london its easy to feel you are the only anne of green gables fan in the world. i had absolutly no idea that there would be such a specific website of the sullivan films as although i like the books, the films are what i really love. (12/99)


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