Name: bonnie
Age: 20
Hometown: taiwan
Favorite Parts: Script, Movie Pictures, Music, Sounds, Links, I loved them all!
Comments: my english is not good enought.... but i love this movie..very much.. especially Jil's deep feeling with Anne.... (12/99)

Name: Lucy Hampton
Age: 45
Hometown: PA
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Music
Comments: I loved it all and especially where Megan signed your guestbook. She is a pretty lady and I love "Anne of Green Gables". It's one of my favorites. A friend and I watched it together once when my husband was working night shift. We had a bottle of wine and we enjoyed the entire movie. We now call each other "bosom buddies" because of the movie. It is a heartwarming, stressrelieving movie that I can watch 1,000,000 times and never grow tired of it. I own the set of vides and the complete book set. I am so glad to be able to get the Theme song from your site and some pictures. I would love to make a greeting card to send to my friend (bosom buddy). Thanks so much. I shall return. DID I just write a book here? I am sorry. but, I love it here. Thanks again. Lucy Hampton (12/99)

Name: Angie
Age: 24
Hometown: Springfield, Missouri
Favorite Parts: Recent Photos of Cast, Missing Scenes, Bloopers (12/99)

Name: Sarah
Age: 19
Hometown: New Castle, DE
Favorite Parts: Sounds, I loved them all! (12/99)

Name: Ben Yoder
Age: 14
Hometown: Bath, NY
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: This is a Great site, I found all the info I wanted. It's great! (12/99)

Name: Candy
Age: 52!
Hometown: Houston,TX
E-mail: CANDYFD@
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Bios, Where Are They Now?, Recent Photos of Cast, Missing Scenes, Bloopers
Comments: I asked Jeeves to help me find a copy of the video of the original to purchase as a Christmas gift for my future daughter-in-law. We are among the fans here in Texas! (12/99)

Name: Tracy
Age: 18
Hometown: Taiwan
Comments: I really like this movie!!!!!! I love it very much!!! And I want to buy the VCD to keep it forever~~~~~ ^_____^ (12/99)

Name: Melanie Derrig
Age: 22
Hometown: Sydney,Australia
Favorite Parts: Pictures of Jonathan Crombie, Bloopers
Comments: This is my dream come true.Finding all this info out about a movie I've loved for so long.Until a few days ago,I honestly thought my family and I were the only ones with ane Anne of Green Gables obsession.How wrong I was!My one question is ,does anyone Know where the bridge that Anne and Gilbert kiss on is located.I want to know as I'm going to P.E Island and wish to visit that monumental location.Please E-mail me if you can help.Thanks. (12/99)

Name: Omalene Colburn
Age: 18
Hometown: Tunbridge, Vermont
Webpage: I don't have one.
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: I have loved this series since I first saw it. Only recently when I heard about the upcoming release did I search the net for Anne of Green Gables sites. I am so happy I did, though. Your site is so great! I especially love the pictures of Johnathon Crombie! My friends and I used to fight over who would marry him! This whole site is so nostalgic! Thanks, Omalene PS I thought that your deleting Megan Follows' e-mail address was extremely classy and nice! (12/99)

Name: Nell
Age: 24
Hometown: Taiwan
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: I love Anne! I love Gilbert! I love this web site! Hope we can be kindred spirits! (12/99)

Name: Mary
Age: 21
Hometown: MPLS, Minnesota
Favorite Parts: Bios, Where Are They Now?, Recent Photos of Cast, Bloopers
Comments: Great Site, love the backdrop. I can't wait to see the 3rd movie. The "Anne" movies and "Avonlea" series are some of my all-time favorites, ranking right up there with "Little House on the Prairie." Can't get enough of any of them! (12/99)

Name: Jessica Wicker
Age: 12
Hometown: Arkansas
Favorite Parts: Links (12/99)

Name: Amanda Aguilera
Age: 17
Hometown: Munster, IN
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: When I was a child (of 10 or so), I read the Anne books, and absolutely fell in love with her world. I went on to read Mrs. Montgomery's other works, and though I loved them too, it was always Anne. When I saw the first movie, Megan Follows *became* Anne to me, in my mind. She was exactly what I had always pictured Anne to be like... she was perfect. I always rent Anne of Green Gables, and then a day later, Anne of Avonlea, at least once a year (I really should look into buying them!). I'm deliriously happy to find out they're making a third Anne movie, and while it's sort of disappointing to know it's not quite what we all expected, I'm sure I'll still like it. ~Amanda (12/99)

Name: Sianne Martin
Age: 23
Hometown: Edmonton, Alberta
Favorite Parts: Pictures of Jonathan Crombie
Comments: I have been an avid fan of Anne of Green Gables books since I was very young, and I find this website very intriguing! :) (12/99)

Name: david ollier
Age: 27
Hometown: Brisbane Australia
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Bloopers, I loved them all!
Comments: What a great site. I've loved Anne for so many years that its great to find out other love her stories just as much as I do. Thanks. (12/99)

Name: Kristin
Age: 29
Hometown: Chino, CA
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: Megan has been my favorite actress for the past fifteen years. Her portrayal of Anne served as a role model for me. I am in awe of and have deep admiration for Megan's acting talent. My brother saw her in a bakery he worked at and risked making a complete fool of himself to tell her how much I admired her and how I have followed her work for so many years. He said Megan was extremely friendly, kind and gracious. I look forward to her future projects and I hope to see her theatre work here in L.A. sometime. (12/99)

Name: Aimee
Age: 20
Hometown: Cincinnati
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures
Comments: I would really love to know how to contact Jonathan Crombie. I have browsed the internet and unfortuantely was unsucessful. (12/99)

Name: pix_cee
Age: 20
Hometown: canada
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: I love anne.... (12/99)

Name: Rachel Faunal
Age: 24
Hometown: Winnipeg
Favorite Parts: Bios, Where Are They Now? (12/99)


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