Name: Louise White
Age: 26
Hometown: Scotland
Favorite Parts: Sounds, Missing Scenes, Bloopers
Comments: This is a wonderful site! An excellent tribute to a most wonderful TV event. The "Anne" series, both 1 and 2, are my all time favourites, and I just can't wait until the 3rd part is broadcast here in the UK. But I'm sure I will have to wait a while. Until then I will be 'in the depths of despair'. (9/99)

Name: Brenda
Hometown: Selinsgrove
Favorite Parts: Missing Scenes, Bloopers, I loved them all!
Comments: I've been a huge fan of the Anne movies since their release and I have to thank you for the wonderful site that you have here! It has everything!! I'm looking forward to the new Anne movie, but wish it would follow the original stories as the other two did, but I'm not complaining, I'm just glad they made it! I'd love to hear from other fans of the films!! (9/99)
Comments: I tried to post a message before, but I guess it didn't work..if it did, you'll have two!! I've been a fan of the Anne movie's since their release and I've been enchanted ever since! I LOVE this site, the BEST one on the Anne movies! I appreciate all of your hard work to make this site, THANKS!! I'm VERY excited about the new Anne movie, BUT disappointed that it doesn't follow the original stories, but I am glad to see Megan and Jonathan together again! (9/99)

Name: Cathryn Preston
Age: 18
Hometown: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: I'm sorry, I just couldn't choose what my fave aspect of the site was coz I love it all! I have loved 'Anne' since the end of '95, when I was 14. I have both 'Anne of Green Gables' and 'The Sequel' on tape. I *really* hope 'The Continuing Story' comes to Australia - I would love to see it! Especially since there is an Aussie on it! I didn't even know Cameron Daddo was on it, so it's pretty exciting! I love the pic where Anne is hugging Gil! Oh, I love it! Anyway, I really should be commenting on the site! Well, the sounds are great, so are the bios. I read the scripts and was saying the lines while I was reading it (shows how many times I've watched it!). I love the pics, and I wish I could see the missing scenes, but they were not on TV when I taped it. I watched the movies just to see the bloopers. Well, as you can see, I love every part of the site. Keep up the good work! Cathryn (9/99)

Name: julie omelich
Hometown: corona, CA
Favorite Parts: I loved them all! (9/99)

Name: Jane Park
Age: 18
Hometown: LosAngeles
E-mail: (10/99)

Name: Michele Wang
Age: 20
Hometown: Piscataway, NJ
Favorite Parts: Bios, Where Are They Now?, Bloopers
Comments: I fell in love with the "Anne" series after a counselor in church introduced me to it... in fact, it had inspired me to become a teacher. Thank you so much for making this wonderful website that I could come to just relax and read about my favorite movie(s) of all time. (10/99)

Name: Maureen Walker
Age: 69
Hometown: Dunedin, New Zealand
Favorite Parts: I loved them all! (10/99)

Name: nancy
Hometown: tommy town
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Sounds, Missing Scenes, I loved them all!
Comments: I cant wait until the new movie comes out (10/99)

Name: Christina Grijaldo
Age: 13
Hometown: Santa Rita Guam
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Music, Sounds, I loved them all!
Comments: I really like tour web page because it has everything that i wanyed to see! (10/99)

Name: David Feldman
Age: 33
Hometown: Philadelphia P
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!

Name: rosemary tran
Age: 18
Hometown: hacienda heights, california
Favorite Parts: Bios, Where Are They Now?, Recent Photos of Cast, Bloopers
Comments: I think that anne of green gables is one of the best films ever made. It has a surprisingly talented cast of very young people. I wonder why these talented actors and actresses aren't in any movies, shows, or on stage. I would definitely pay to go see them. I also want to say that I liked anne of green gables more then it's sequel because the man that anne was thinking about marrying in the sequel was too old for her. I think that there should not have a war sequel to anne of green gables, but that the writers should follow the books. I somehow see more people going to see it if it was made to follow the storyline that our author had written. (10/99)

Name: Nicole Frampton
Age: 23
Hometown: Petite Riviere, NS
Favorite Parts: I loved them all! (10/99)

Name: Chelle and Caitlin
Age: 19
Hometown: Mons, Belgium and Spencerport NY
Favorite Parts: Movie Pictures, Pictures of Jonathan Crombie
Comments: We love Anne and Diana!! We are sitting here in our Halloween costumes that I made. I am Anne in her recital dress and Caitlin is Diana in her Chrismas ball dress without the frilly neck. This page is wonderful!! we ordered the music and are hoping to visit Prince Edward Island in the near future (after I get back from Ireland!) Thank you!!!!!!!!! (10/99)

Age: 22
Favorite Parts: Script, Movie Pictures, Music, Sounds, Bios, Where Are They Now?
Comments: Bueno, voy a escribirles en español solamente, porque no domino muy bien ni el inglés ni el francés. Vi a través del cable la serie en 1996, quedé realmente impresionado por todo lo que rodeó a ésta mágica y tierna historia. El saludo a ésta página desde La Serena, en Chile y extensivamente, a los protagonistas de ésta miniserie.
Translation: Hi, I'm writing in Spanish because I don't speak English or French very well. I watched the series on cable in 1996, and it really impressed me because of it's portrayal of the magic of that historical period. The people who send this greeting from La Serena in Chile send it to all the promoters of this miniseries. (10/99)

Name: Emily
Hometown: Manchester, England
Comments: Hi, I'd just like to say how much I LOVE your website! I've been a huge fan of Anne ever since I saw the movies on TV as a kid. Following that I read all the novels, then bought the video box set which I've watched countless times since. The final scene on the bridge still makes me cry, no matter how many times I see it! As a British, 17 year old Anne fan, few of my friends seem to have even heard of the movies so they don't understand my love of them - it's great to know there are so many kindred spirits out there! I found the "missing scenes" area of your site particularly useful - I had no idea the British version had been edited so much. I've now ordered the full-length version, and am looking forward to seeing some "new" scenes!!!!! Keep up the good work - can't wait to hear more about Anne 3, (10/99)

Name: Amanda Grace
Age: Gr17
Hometown: Othello, Washington
Favorite Parts: I loved them all!
Comments: nice site...visit mine =0) (10/99)

Name: Cristiena
Age: 21
Hometown: Brampton
Favorite Parts: I loved them all! (10/99)

Name: Jacqueline
Age: 33
Hometown: Joseph, OR
Favorite Parts: Bios, Where Are They Now?, Recent Photos of Cast, Bloopers (10/99)

Name: Kim Hiller
Age: 23
Hometown: Edmonton
Favorite Parts: I loved them all! (10/99)


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