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Reviewer: tabee
Email: lari1443
Rating: 3
Every time I see this movie, my impressions change. I liked the movie overall, though I agree Anne is not the dreamy romantic character that I remembered. I didn't mind the war scenes so much but I did not care at all for the whole London bit. Too long and confusing. I enjoyed seeing the actors again and thought they looked great for being so much older. What could have made it better? Taking Gil out of uniform for the wedding; putting in all of the Anne/Gil missing scenes; touching on Marilla's death; gving Jonathan Crombie something to work with. I have to admit, he looks great just standing there, but the poor guy must feel like part of the scenery at times in these movies. Oh, and bring back Dominic's aunt so he has someplace else to go. At the end, when Anne and Gil mention that they had been living with Diana and Fred for the past year, I kept thinking she should have been pregnant with her own child by then, not planning to adopt someone else's. Favorite part: the reunion scene. Every time I watch it, it gets better. (01/28/2003)

Reviewer: AmAnDa
Rating: 2.5
i was really disappointed with this movie! it wasn't TERRIBLE but it was really bad compared to the first two. i definetly wanted it to be based on the series!!! i wanted it to show us how happy anne and gil's lives were going. i definetly expected a better product!!!! i really liked the ideo of still having megan follows and jonathan crombie in the movie!! i'm hoping for a fourth "anne" movie, but i really hope it to be MUCH better! (01/26/2003)

Reviewer: annie
It was a real dissapointement, I wished they would of continue like the other 2 movies. (01/21/2003)

Reviewer: danielle
Rating: 5
i think this movie is the best ever (01/19/2003)

Reviewer: danielle (01/19/2003)

Reviewer: carmen
Rating: 4
hola. Me llamo carmen y te escribo desde España. Estoy leyendo los libros de la saga y me encantan. Recuerdo cuando vi la serie por primera vez, tendría unos 12 años y no la he olvidado. En españa no hemos podido ver la tercera parte de la película Un saludo Hello! my name is Carmen y I am Spanish girl. I´m sorry I speak a little english. I´m reading LMM´s books. When I saw Ann Green Gables first time I was 12 years old and I can´t forgot it. In Spain We cannot see 3rd part of the film best wishes Carmen (01/18/2003)

Reviewer: Rebecca
Rating: 1
I am a huge fan of the Anne of Green Gables series, books and television, however I though that this last installment was terrible. It had nothing to do with the books. It should have been about Anne's and Gilbert's children. However the series entered a time warp. How sad that a beautiful series had to have such a terrible ending. Shame on Kevin Williamson. (01/11/2003)

Reviewer: Karin Brooks
Rating: 1
When I first heard that there would be a third movie I was absoulutely thrilled. However, I was greatly disappointed that it had NOTHING to do with the story. It was completely not Anne. It was fun to see how everyone had aged. (01/09/2003)

Reviewer: Christopher
Rating: 3.5
How can you not love Anne? You simply have to love her every move in the first two movies. But something happened in the third. Where'd our Anne go? She has changed far too much and mellowed out. I know the setting/time period didn't allow for frivolities that are essential to her character (like her book, Averil's Atonement). The war is much more serious than her her Victorian home. Still, everything did not match the first two movie's buildup of the character of Anne. We see how she changes as a person in the first two and then she is suddenly a tired, worn out workaholic in the third. Even sweet Diana has changed! Now she's become a spoiled rotten homemaker who lives in fine and beautiful ecstasy. What about kindred spirits? Gil has not changed though. He is our reliable character. Also, the pacing of the third installment doesn't fit the others. It moved so fast at times and was complicated enough that it was easy to get bewildered and lost. Hopefully they make a fourth movie that redeems some of the carelessness of the Continuing Story. It will be just like the first two, I'm sure. Mr. Sullivan has learned his lesson. (01/02/2003)

Reviewer: Jennifer Stuart
Rating: 8
It was wonderful, though not the best movie of the Anne trilogy, I rendered Anne of Green Gables: the Continuing Story a pleasant movie to watch. I liked it as a separate movie from the first two. Points I didn't like are - 1) they bent the storyline a bit too far 2) too much Dominic, Dominic took up 3/4 of the film. Though Anne2 was practucally half consumed my Emmeline at least it stayed to the storyline. 3) Anne DIDNOT adopt a child and that really vexed me Points I liked 1) They retained Anne and Gilbert 2) the chemistry between Anne and Gilbert were still apparent 3) though i didn't like the war, i am grateful that KS allowed Gilbert to come back unharmed. (physically) But on the whole I liked it oin a different from the other two (12/25/2002)

Reviewer: Bridget
Rating: 19
ok. 1st off I was impressed simply because as a story and a film it was very good. I was dissappointed because I didnt feel it was an Anne film. The direction Sullivan Entertainment went was completely off kilter. The movies themselves were originally moved up in time from the 1800s to the early 1900s--which was perfectly fine. However, after waiting 13 years for another movie I was expecting much more. Everyone wanted to see Anne and Gil tie the knot (including me) but that was practically cut out of the movie. WW1 was a bit of a stretch for this movie. A LOT more could have been done plot wise. Anne dealing with Marilla's death. Gil setting up a practice IN Avonlea and them raising a family. Anne's children get into enough scrapes on their own without new drama. but...I have to admit as disapponted as I was, I still was thrilled that I got to see some of my favorite actors portray my favorite characters again. its like reuniting with old friends. (12/16/2002)

Reviewer: Rosalyn
Rating: 4
I watched The Continuing story last night, erm, actually early this morning on PBS. It was really interesting. Tho, I will admit I was a bit lost to see the costume change from Victorian to modern WW1 era. I was also bit disappointed to see that Anne isn't as talkative and expressive as in the other series. Oh well, over all I really enjoyed it. I reeeeally enjoyed the bit where she's singing at the end and Gil hears her! *sigh* :D (12/15/2002)

Reviewer: Annefan08016
Rating: 4
It was Ok but it's one of the AOGG stories I thought it would be totally with the books but No didn't happen (12/14/2002)

Reviewer: SallY ALEXE


Reviewer: Kate Howell
I was so dissapointed when I saw the newest movie. Anne is dead. The charector I only just met is gone! Oh Sullivan, can you reconcile this tradgedy? (12/05/2002)

Reviewer: olivia
Rating: 5
The first two are by far my favorites, bu this was a wonderful movie. It was wonderful to see the charecters all back, even though it strayed so far from the origional storyline. I LOVED it!! (12/03/2002)

Reviewer: Reena Patel
Rating: 1
I liked the movie but not as much as the first two!!!. It was a bit boring. I wished that the producer would have made based on the original version ( or the book). (11/29/2002)

Reviewer: Rachel
I think this movie is terrible and they should have quite while they were ahead. For 95% of this movie, Anne and Gilbert aren't even together. And she goes off to try and find him in the war? They were both much too old to got to war by the time the war actually happened. Also, the first 2 movies were totally building up to Anne and Gilbert's wedding and in the 3rd movie, it is just a short blip. You'd think they would have made a bigger deal out of it rather than have Anne chase Gilbert all of Europe the entire movie. Also, what's the deal with that kid? Where did it ever come to play? This movie was just so far away from the actual story line. I know the 2nd movie wasn't all that accurate but at least it was close and made sense. I think this movie is terrible and should not be included with the other 2 movies (11/28/2002)

Reviewer: lynda
Rating: 24
i do not see anne3review but please make it happen that the whole will been showed by german tv. (11/19/2002)



Reviewer: Hillary
Rating: 4
I love your site. But you don't have biography's on everybody and I'm most interested in Diana but you don't have a very thorough biography for her. (11/14/2002)

Reviewer: Shin Eun Kyoung
Rating: 1
It is very beautiful story (11/03/2002)

Reviewer: Kaylene Thureson
Email: etc etc
Rating: 5000000
i have the movie and i LOVE IT i grew up on ANNE OF GREEN GABLES and i have and will always LOVE it (10/29/2002)

Reviewer: angela rader
Rating: 5
its was good i lov it very much i lover story and i love anne of green gables anne of anlove and anne of green gables the continuing story i love it i got that all (10/28/2002)

Reviewer: Karey
Rating: 5
I loved this book I could not put it down sesce it was so good I finished it in 1 day. Anne is so full of hope and love. I liked all the books. They were wonderful. I mean you get to see how this liitle wonderful girl grow up and become woman. I just loved it. also I hope that the author will be writing more books about anne and her advertures> love always a big fan Karey (10/23/2002)

Reviewer: Jennifer Crook
Rating: 3
Nowhere near as good as the first two films, but I still enjoyed it and would love to see a sequel! (10/23/2002)


Reviewer: brent
Rating: 5
actually i haven't seen it yet but, the other two were excellent and i can't wait to see the 3rd one. (10/11/2002)


Reviewer: Jen
Rating: 3
I am a die hard fan of the Anne book series, and I also enjoyed the movies. I thought that the third movie's story line was good, but it should have never been created using the Anne characters. I do not even concider the Anne in the movie to be the same Anne as the books. I really wish that Sullivan would have folllowed the books more carefully, and created a movie to go along with all 8 of the books by L.M. Montgomer. This is an unrealistic expectation i guess, but it would have been better than the distruction of Anne in the third movie. (10/09/2002)


Reviewer: sunny
Rating: 1-5 (10/06/2002)




Reviewer: vidhi
the first two movies were great but the third one really made me miss the real anne as depicted in the other two movies. (09/18/2002)

Reviewer: Shirley
Rating: -5
When the original 'Anne' movie came out in 1985 I was about Anne's age (12 and 13). I have read all of LMM's 'Anne' books, and I absolutely love the whole lot, and the first 2 film adaptations are perfect (even though "...the Sequel" strays a lot from the actual LMM story). I am now married and have 2 daughters of my own. Both love the written stories & the first 2 films too.

Even though it was nice to see Anne and Gilbert finally get married, and some of the old characters & places, that is just it, "...the Continuing Story" was made more than 10 years after the first 2, and it failed to 'continue' telling the story that it was intended to tell-that is of "Anne of Green Gables". This is not "Anne and Gilbert of the Big Apple"; or "Miss Shirley and Mr. Blythe go to New York"; or "Anne Shirley goes to War"; or "Anne Shirley-Secret Agent". An ordinary (and boring, quite frankly) story was used instead. This was a wonderful opportunity for Mr. Sullivan and company, but I believe it was an opportunity wasted. All you have to do is look at the nominations and awards given to this show by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television-the Gemini Awards (the "Canadian Emmy" Awards)-in 1986 Anne1 - 12-nominations, 10-wins, 2-2nd place finishes-complete dominance!; in 1988 Anne2 - 8-nominations, 6-wins. (Both the 1986 and 1988 wins were for "Best mini-series...". But in 2000, Anne3 was nominated for only 4 awards and won zero. (The nominations did not include "Best mini series..."). (**I have listed below how to access this site).

The Canadian public in general, and the rest of the world loved the first installment, loved the 2nd installment too (but not as much as the first), but generally hated or were disinterested in the 3rd instalment. (I realize there are die-hards who think any story involving Anne & Gil is just wonderful-gag me-this is not "Anne of Green Gables" though! Don't get me wrong-I think Gil is a dream too, but Gil is not what these stories are about.)

This shows you what happens when you stray from a popular story, and try to substitute an ordinary story, characters, and places. I think Megan Follows was right when she told a Toronto newspaper in 2000 after Anne3, something like, "Anne is not what the people want to remember her as, but what Kevin Sullivan wants the public to remember her as". (I bet she regrets ever agreeing to do Anne3)

Anne4?? - why not-remember what Anne said, "Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it." But remember, Kevin Sullivan, what Miss Stacey said in response, "Well, none yet anyways".

(Yes, my first name is really Shirley, and my second name is really Cordelia [after my great-grandmother] - isn't that great, or what?)

**How to access the Webpage that lists the nominations, wins, and placings of the Gemini Awards received by the 3 "Anne" films
-go to the Academy's site:
-double-click on "Awards database" on left side menu
-then select "Title and/or Year", and the click "Continue"
-then select from the down-arrow box, "Geminis...1986-2001", and then click "Continue" again, and DO NOT check the box "Show me winners only"
-then type..Anne of Green Gables.., and make sure it says "All Years" in the "Year" box, and then click "Continue" again, and voila, there you are.
OR: To avoid all of the above, you can just click here. (09/13/2002)

Reviewer: Amber
Rating: 5
This is my favorite movie of all the Anne movies so far. I hope there will be another movie. (09/12/2002)

Reviewer: Torie
Rating: 5
I loved this movie it was intereting and Romantic.

I'm sorry but how cares if it follows the book. I can't stand the books.. they are just really bad compared to the movie. And for those who say that "It wasn't an Anne movie she was too mature"... think about it she was older.. she needed to be more mature.. and because of all the bad reviews I dout they're not making an Anne4 cause no one liked anne3. I thought Anne3 was excellent!!!!! (09/07/2002)

Reviewer: Annefan-nw
Rating: 3
I liked the movie, but it was soo...different! It wasn't Anne, it was a different girl. The movie was exciting, but it just wasn't the dream come true story that Anne was supposed to have. I wish you could have gone by the books, and re-captured the same magic that Anne of Green Gables received. The MAIN THING that I didn't like, was that Anne didn't seem happy, she didn't have a big immagination(she didn't use tons of big words), and MOST OF ALL, she wasn't true to Gil! She was kissing, hugging, and saying, "I feel as if we're a couple". IT WAS A DISAPOINTMENT! I thought she should have been true to Gil

By the way, she was kissing, hugging, etc. to other men! Not Gil! Sorry I left that out! I think you should recreate an avenlea with Marilla, Miss would be great, yet you need to put in all the characters...put the movie before the continuing story, with Fred, Ruby, Diana, and all the people before they died in the war. that way you can re-introduce the characters, and get a more home feeling. Then they will be more interested in the grown up anne and her friends. (09/05/2002)

Reviewer: mary lamb
it was so disappointing. i did not like this film. where's the wedding between Anne and Gil? What the film did with Green Gables was a disgrace. Can't you just make another film and forget this one ever exists. You ruined the beauty of these great books. (09/02/2002)

Reviewer: Vanessa
Rating: numbers can't express my rating
I thought that the movie was great!! I loved it to death! I personally thought that this one was the best ever. I loved it because if the history(I love history) and how it showed that Anne didn't give up on finding Gil. How much her love for him, to risk her life on finding him just to be with him. I hope that there will be a fourth! (08/31/2002)

Reviewer: Ann Porter
Rating: 3
While it was wonderful to see Anne and Gil again, I felt that the Anne 3 storyline was totally wrong. As a devoted fan of the first two movies and the LM Montgomery books, I wish that Sullivan Entertainment would have kept faithful to the true Anne storyline. Why didn't Mr Sullivan just make a movie about WW1, if that's what he wanted? I hope that - if Sullivan Enterainment plans another Anne movie - they will revert back to Ms Montgomery's version of Anne. Why not let the fans have their chance to see Anne and Gil's love and their lives blossom? Please get it right next time! (08/26/2002)

Reviewer: Shelly
Rating: 2
It's good, but not at all like the book. I wish if they were going to have the whole WW part that they would have had Walter and Rilla, ect. The movie really lacked in lots of parts, but I suppose if you think of it as a movie, and not as an L.M. Montgomery book made movie, it's alright. But the first two were so great because he stayed to true to the books. (08/25/2002)

Reviewer: Jessie
Rating: 100
I think Kevin Sullivan did a fantastic job on the movies he directed. They were all very reallistic. As for the last one, I think it is one of the best movies I have ever seen. My whole family(including me)awaits another one. Good Job, Kevin! (08/25/2002)

Reviewer: kristin
Rating: 3
I was disappointed with the third installment of Anne of Green Gables. I LOVE the first two and the 3rd didn't have the same "Anne" quality. Mr. Sullivan strayed from the books and the movie is the poorer for it. (08/25/2002)

Reviewer: kaylene
Rating: 500

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