Pride and Prejudice Special Edition DVD

Check out the differences between the old and the new "digitially remastered" versions:

Old version

New version

Special Edition DVD is not so special after all -- Review by norsecode posted on October 18, 2001

----- I already owned the original DVD to this wonderful movie. It bothered me that the credits ran every 50 minutes and that there were no extras, so I was so excited about the new "special edition" DVD. I ordered it right away. When I got it, I couldn't wait to watch the featurette... but first I had to watch some of the movie.
----- I was SOOOO disappointed! The picture quality was abysmal! The contrast was set so high that all the characters looked sickly. Also, their dark hair would just blend with dark backgrounds, creating just an all around terrible picture.
----- At first I thought it was just the DVD, but then I watched the featurette, which was fine. The featurette had clips from the film and it was so nice to see the characters looking robust and the backgrounds lush again.
----- My advice: if you must have the DVD, try to get your hands on the non-special edition.

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